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 Key to my soul

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Beginnend Tovenaar

Aantal berichten : 231
Registratiedatum : 07-12-09
Woonplaats : Peter Pan's place

BerichtOnderwerp: Key to my soul   do dec 17, 2009 12:43 pm

Ik schrijf wel eens stukjes, over hoe ik dingen zie en over hoe ik het zelf aanvoel.

Wat hieronder staat is dus geen feit, het is wellicht niet zoals anderen dat voelen. Het is puur mezelf.

Cut off from each other, even if it’s a minor break, we forget how connected we once were.
Lines of friendship are starting to fade, each and everyone of us now spreads his own wings.
Ready to make a flight, to take a chance, a chance for the life we always dreamed of.
Faces we came to know about shall be lost forever in the depths of our thoughts, memory’s of their characters will be locked away so they don’t disturb us with feelings of guilt and regret along our way in life. Friends will become strangers.
But no matter where we are, or what we do, somewhere deep inside our heart, we shall always remember those once close to us.

But still, the end of a friendship, no matter how long it goes back, doesn’t always have to be bad, or mean the worse. Sometimes you have to leave a friend behind, and in that case, all farewells should be sudden. Otherwise they make an eternity of moments and clog the last sad sands of life with tears. But you have to live by the code that you got to move on, always keep an eye on the horizon. And yes it hurt, and no, no one can help you bear that burden.
It’s something you have to do by yourself; otherwise you can never have a closure.


And sometimes, when reality comes down upon you, and you start to feel the world so real.
Those times you find out, that you don't realy need the person you want to be with, except for your own satisfaction.
Sometimes you find out that you actually don't need anything, except time to think.
And still the truth even then, is as painfull as walking on shattered glas.
Different from the way you are living your life, you know, you have to make an honest choice for once
Cause in the end, beneath the lies you find burried way down under, the truth that made all the misery!

"Beter onrecht lijden, dan onrecht doen."
Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Key to my soul
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